2016 Rosé Central Coast

Ballard Lane’s Rosé has great floral notes but bespeaks a more Burgundian complex style of winemaking. This Rosé is beautifully balanced with characters of strawberries, white cherries, cantaloupe, melon and pomegranate. The body of the wine is sumptuous but has the acidity to maintain its fresh mouthwatering characters.

This Rosé is easy enjoyed during the summertime in a relaxing atmosphere but is also a wine that was made in a less sweet style that can stand alone as a quality Rosé and can be appreciated in the company of delicious cuisine.

Certified California Sustainable Vineyard SIP Certified - Sustainability in Practice

Wine Statistics

Alcohol %
Tritratable Acidity
6.37 g/L
Fruit Source
100% Sustainable Fruit
SIP Certified Grown Fruit
CSWA Certified Fruit
Richard Shelton